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The Charming Devil
ISBN 978-1-60174-254-4 ©2020

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Mischance nearly killed him. Disgrace nearly destroyed her. Time has healed, but there is a new challenge confronting them. They must reconcile for the sake of their child...if they can.


The Governess's Peculiar Journey
ISBN 978-1-60174-247-6 © 2018

When a prim Victorian governess is transported to the Regency era she believes is dissolute and perilous, she is determined to return to 1865.

Follow-on book from "The Earl's Peculiar Burden"
A Red Tower Story


The Earl's Peculiar Burden
ISBN 978-1-60174-135-6 © 2012

Ysmay of Scarsfield is determined her unlikely arrival from the past will not add to the Earl of Therneforde's burdens, and she will not allow a growing attachment to alter her plans.

A Red Tower Story


The Possibility of Scandal
ISBN 978-1-60174-207-0 ©2015

When the Haythe twins undertake a mad adventure, there is always the likelihood of disaster.

Follow-on book from 'Three Wise Monkeys'


The Harmless Deception
ISBN 978-1-60174-091-5 © 2010

Is a deception ever harmless? Can dishonesty ever be justified? Tansy Evens thinks so; so does milliner Grace Whitton. For the deception they propose will harm no one and will provide them with a basis for introduction to the high society of London. But the deception proves to have troublesome consequences for everyone.

The Education of Portia
ISBN 978-1-60174-061-8 © 2008

Lord Stadbroke's three daughters have come to Portia Crossmichael's school to learn. Nothing could have prepared her for the impact they and their father have on her life. Penelope, Melicent and Sabina are a joy to teach but in the end it is Portia who receives the education--in love and in joy. Must she also learn to accept loss, or can she indulge in hope?


The Disadvantaged Gentleman
ISBN: 978-1-60174-175-2 ©2014

Bennet Kelmarsh is a gentleman by his actions, but not his birth. Rebecca Valence was born a lady, but has behaved in a very unladylike manner. An orphaned child brings them together and, while they fall in love with her, they also fall in love with each other. There is no solution which will satisfy everyone; a choice has to be made, no matter how much--or who--it hurts.


Three Wise Monkeys
ISBN 978-1-60174-179-0 © 2014

The 'three wise monkeys' are three well-born young people - Louisa, Susan and James - and they are making their debut in the high society of Regency London. Their wisdom -- see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil -- however is questionable as they encounter the 'beau monde'. And society is not prepared for them; their energy and their adventures are prodigious.


Daughter of Trade
ISBN 978-1-60174-177-6 © 2014

Dinah Driffield is content with her life as the daughter of a wealthy manufacturer in the city of Leeds. She has no time and little patience for the aristocracy with its idle pretensions and pride. Her opinions are challenged when she meets Sebastian Delamain, Viscount Holly. Sebastian must overcome his accustomed solitude and Dinah's prejudices to convince her that love is reason enough to alter her convictions and her future plans.


The Rake's Reflection
ISBN 978-1-60174-001-4 © 2006

The 5th Earl of Torgreave, Rupert Manningford, has conceived a desire to reform his rakish ways and become a model aristocrat.  His careful plans are destroyed however when Miss Cordelia Tyninghame of Edinburgh arrives unexpectedly, by the connivance of his housekeeper, at his London home.  Unwittingly Delia’s arrival reveals a remarkable secret; their lives will be forever altered by that secret and the love they discover.


The Beggarmaid
ISBN 978-1-60174-002-1 © 2007

Lady Iphigenia Brierley is trapped by a poverty that she must conceal from the beau monde. The Marquess of Wessington is wealthy beyond her imagining, and has a respected and admired place in society. He offers himself first as her friend, then as her rescuer. Finally, he asks for her hand in marriage. But the question to which Genia requires an answer is...why?


Clemmie's Major
ISBN 978-1-60174-168-4 © 2013

Clementina, eldest daughter of the Marquess of Cheriton, has always been able to solve her family's little problems and discontents.  Now the widowed Countess of Carmelth, Clemmie finds herself facing problems she cannot solve alone.  Major Gideon Rhyle may be able to help, but his assistance becomes another problem.  For Clemmie falls in love with him and he, wounded and facing an uncertain future, is thoroughly ineligible for marriage.

Short Stories by Lesley-Anne McLeod

The Regency Storybook

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ISBN: 978-1-60174-167-7 © 2013

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ISBN 1480293377 © 2012

12 People ~ 12 Historical Events ~ 12 Stories

"This charming series of vignettes provide the reader with a glimpse of significant people and events of the Regency period as seen through the eyes of others. With a touch of romance to warm the soul, THE REGENCY STORYBOOK is sure to delight all Regency lovers. Well done, Lesley-Anne McLeod! Your books are always a joy."--Ginny McBlain, award winning author of Freedom Isn't Free




'Novel Bytes' Short Fiction by Lesley-Anne McLeod

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Phoebe's Duty
ISBN 13: 978-1-60174-219-3

A soldier's daughter undertakes employment at the Soho Bazaar, but discovers her future holds more than drudgery.

Lost in Almack's
ISBN 13: 978-1-60174-080-9 * ISBN 10: 1-60174-080-8 © 2009

When Lady Genevra Haven becomes lost in the back corridors and staircases of Almack's, she needs courage and ingenuity as well as charm and confidence, to avoid social ruin and salvage her successful debut.
Emilina's Conquest
ISBN 978-1-60174-071-7 © 2009

Miss Emilina Brook, sent by necessity on a coach journey, meets young Dr. Secord Cardew who, she thinks, could be her heart's companion. Or could he?

Carolina's Walking Tour
ISBN 978-1-60174-045-8 © 2008

A grievously wounded Peninsular War veteran and a shy young woman facing a loveless future discover more than the attractions of Bath as they spend their days exploring its streets.


Comet Wine
ISBN 978-1-60174-036-6 © 2007

A vicar's sister and a 'nabob' fresh from India find that the Great Comet of 1811 heralds dramatic change and new love.


Love's Liberty
ISBN 978-1-60174-006-9 © 2007

Julia Clemence knew that personal freedom was just as important as political or state freedom. Now she had to convince the man she loved and her family that she was right--and gain for herself the freedom to love.