The Regency Storybook
by Lesley-Anne McLeod and Shakoriel

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Twelve People ~~~~Twelve Historical Events~~~~ Twelve Stories

"This charming series of vignettes provide the reader with a glimpse of significant people and events of the Regency period as seen through the eyes of others. With a touch of romance to warm the soul, THE REGENCY STORYBOOK is sure to delight all Regency lovers. Well done, Lesley-Anne McLeod! Your books are always a joy."--Ginny McBlain, award winning author of Freedom Isn't Free


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Twelve People ~~~~Twelve Historical Events~~~~ Twelve Stories


England in the early 19th century: a place of extraordinary happenings. War on the continent and political upheavals at home buffeted the lives of ordinary people, while arts and literature flourished under the Prince Regent and a glittering group of aristocrats led high society. It was a period of tumultuous change.

The twelve short stories in this book follow fictional Regency characters facing the challenges of everyday life while brushing up against momentous historical events. Young Miss Phoebe Churcham is unwittingly caught up in the assassination of the prime minister. The publication of a literary classic causes problems for Sir Aubrey Granthorpe. Imogen Rush, Dowager Countess of Something, visits with an old friend--the Regent's mistress. The tragic death of a princess touches the Newick family as it does the entire nation. And one day, foppish Postumus Enderby is inspired to take radical steps after reading the morning news. These stories and others will draw you into the private lives and wider world of the Regency.

Charming costume illustrations by Shakoriel bring colour to these heroes and heroines, embellishing all twelve of Lesley-Anne McLeod's stories. The Regency Storybook is a collection of lives, loves and histories--of a time two hundred years ago, but as vivid as yesterday.


The following are 'look inside' excerpts:
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