The Regency World

My intention with these pages is to illustrate the world of the Regency;
to give you--the reader--a glimpse of the sights, scenes, and people of the Regency and their lives.

All pages updated as at June 16, 2015
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The Theatre of Regency London

Art ~~
the artists of the Regency, and the 19th and 20th century artists who have illustrated the Regency.

Castles & Cathedrals ~~
the great strongholds and the towering citadels of faith.
Childhood & Education ~~
the life of a Regency child, games and toys, teachers and schools.
Christmas & Holidays ~~
the olde English Yule, May Day, the quarter days, and more.
Etiquette & Society ~~
the manners, the social order, the duties, and the pastimes.
Fashion ~~
the ever-changing world of clothing for ladies, gentlemen and children.
Furnishings & Design ~~
the architecture, the styles, the necessities and the extravagances.

Food & Dining ~~
recipes and re-creations of the Regency table.

Gardens ~~
the flowers and plants, garden design and garden buildings.
Industrial Revolution ~~
the beginnings of the change that would transform the Regency world.

Literature & Authors ~~
poets, philosophers, novelists, dramatists and moralists and their works.

Military ~~
the regiments and the actions of the Napoleonic war.
Maritime ~~
the Royal Navy, the merchant fleet, the passenger ships and the coming of steam.
Natural History ~~
plants, animals and the beautiful natural world of
Great Britain.
Portrait Gallery ~~
the faces of the great and famous characters of the Regency.
Stately Homes & Cottages~
the great estates and the handsome cottages of the Regency world.

Transportation ~~
horses and carriages, hobby horses and sidesaddles, the new trains and hot air balloons.

Villages & Towns ~~
the pleasant surroundings of Regency life.