Regency Newspapers and Magazines
The Military World of the Regency
From 1803 to 1815 Great Britain was a nation at war.
Other people and other websites are more suited to give the particulars of the conflict.
My aim is merely to give you a glimpse of the military aspect of Regency society as it appeared in the magazines and newspapers of the time, as well as a look at the uniforms.

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My Latest Research Discoveries 2015
Longwood House, St Helena
where Bonaparte was held.
The Repository of Arts Jan 1817

monument to Sir John Moore at Corunna
illustration from The Repository of Arts, Feb. 1810

The treatment of wounded soldiers in a ward of a hospital. Drawing by Benjamin Zix, ca. 1805-1811 (Wellcomeimages.org)
Great Britain
Highland Regiment 1812
Dragoon Guards
King's German Legion 1813
Royal Horse Guards 1815
Hussar 1815
General Officer 1809
Chasseurs a Cheval 1808
Imperial Guard 1815
Hussars 1807
Infantry 1800
Curaisseurs 1815
Marshal 1805
Dutch 1815
Norwegian Guard Office 1801
Russian Imperial Guard 1806
Polish Lancers 1815
Spanish Cavalry 1803
Prussian cavalry 1815
And the battle that ended it all:
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